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Question 1/19

You hear that your vehicle with family members has met with an accident :

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Question 2/19

You are on vacations and you get a call regarding a theft at your residence :

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Question 3/19

You visit a doctor and learn about an illness which may require a time for treatment :

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Question 4/19

You buy an expensive Mobile phone and it is lost in within six months :

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Question 5/19

You have a household gadget which is beyond warranty. There is a serious problem which requires replacement of a crucial part involving major expenses :

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Question 6/19

A key earning member of the family passes away and family financial situations comes under major stress :

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Question 7/19

A key earning member of the family meets with an accident and develops a long term disability . It impacts the stability of the family because of loss of earnings & higher medical expenses :

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Question 8/19

Your vehicle has disappeared from the parking area :

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Question 9/19

There is a major fire in your residence while all of you were away at work / school :

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Question 10/19

You need to travel to a place which is about 50 Km away at night following an emergency :

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Question 11/19

You are stuck in a lift in a multi level building :

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Question 12/19

You have a deposit of good sum of money with the bank and that bank has stopped the operations :

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Question 13/19

You and your spouse have to travel through train but your tickets have not been confirmed. Train is about to start soon :

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Question 14/19

You have received a bonus from your employer or extra ordinary gains from business , you would invest :

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Question 15/19

You are at a red light early morning with reduced traffic :

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Question 16/19

You are travelling to Andaman Island and are invited for an advantageous sports such as scuba diving :

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Question 17/19

You are visiting Disneyland or any amusement park, you will spend time on :

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Question 18/19

Your car, two years old, met with an accident. Total cost of repair is Rs. 100,000. As you had not taken Zero depreciation policy, you have to pay Rs. 25,000 and Insurance co pays remaining Rs. 75,000 :

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Question 19/19

You have medical emergency in the family and incurs heavy expenditure :

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Why use SafeTree?

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Transform the way insurance is bought

Shift from reactive to proactive decision making.

Risk Awareness

Make customer aware of the increasing
risk, stress, health hazards and
increasing number of natural calamites.

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Risk Janampatri

Based on customer profile Risk Janampatri
tool analyses the customer's Risk Profile on
certain parameters.

Customized Solution

Based on risk profile of the customer,
recommend most suitable product, add
on options and sum assured to customer.

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

The hazards facing the country and individuals have significantly increased in recent times. We are facing increasing challenges from pollution, Global warming, infectious diseases, increasing stress related ailments and natural calamities. These events cause tremendous impact on the financial status of individuals and the country.

Hence, we exist to educate and increase awareness of ways to reduce impact from these risks through insurance products.

Our Vision - Secure India Against Financial Risks

Our Mission - Co-Develop Innovative technology-led insurance solutions.

We believe in selling products to customers exclusively based on the risk profile and suitability to the customer. With the use of unique and propriety tools such as Risk Janampatri, we try to understand the risk profile of the customer and accordingly we propose suitable insurance products to the customer.

Similarly, with the tools such as health insurance sum insured calculator, introduced for the first time In India, we identify a suitable sum insured based on the risk profile and needs of the customer.

No. We believe most insurance products are complex and complicated financial instruments. Unless the customer has an understanding of the product, he / she might purchase a product which may or may not be most suitable based on their risk profile. Similarly, he/she may purchase an amount of insurance cover which be inadequate or excess for their needs. Hence, we believe as with any other purchase, customer should understand their risk profile, product details and accordingly then make a suitable selection of the products. We have trained risk professionals who will help and advice customers in selection of most suitable product for them.
We exist to increase awareness and educate our customers regarding the risk. You need to fill your basic contact details and our risk experts will contact you at a suitable time selected by you. We will take you through a simple but a comprehensive process to identify a most suitable product for you. Our sole aim is to make you feel secure and bring smile to your face.

Your satisfaction is most important for our survival. We will seek your response and rating after each sale. In case of rating less than 3, we review our process and immediately take remedial steps. We will ensure your grievances are resolved immediately.

Finally you can cancel the product by availing 15 days free look period offered in most products.

In case of any suggestions and grievances, please contact ceo@safetree.in and our CEO will respond to you within 48 hours.

We use the payment gateways of leading insurance companies and money is directly paid to insurance companies

Yes. Current penetration within the country is extremely low. We need lots of people to us achieve our vision

Please contact partners@safetree.in