Personalized and need-based insurance solutions to suit the discerning requirements of customers.

We work towards

Securing India Against Financial Risks

As Risk and Insurance professionals, our objective is to help India better manage various risks and limit the exposure of losses to due to these risks. Due to various factors such as climate change due to global warming, increase in communicable diseases, poor lifestyles, pollution etc, risks have significantly increased. Hence it can become imperative for us to do planning and undertake mitigation activities to limit the losses due to these risks. Risk mitigation is a complicated and expense process. We help our customers by providing an effective risk mitigations solutions through insurance and other awareness programs so that they can effectively manage their risks, limit their exposure to financial risks and lead a successful and peaceful live.

Creating Innovative Insure Tech Solutions

We are living in a world of Volatile, Uncertain, Confused and Ambiguous also known as VUCA. In order to adopt to this world, we need to always create new and innovative solutions. We at SafeTree regularly keep a watch in the national and International events, risk mitigation mechanisms. Accordingly co-develop innovative solutions for the customer to better manage this world.

Perfect Amalgamation of Innovation & Technology to provide value and new experience to customer

Tech based solutions

to assist customers and team choose right kind of product

Artificial Intelligence

based solutions to forecast risks

Friendly online support

Modular and interchangable componente between layouts and even demos.

Risk based solutions

which provides customized risk solutions to its customers

One Risk App

Regular Updates to customers on health, automobile and home risks

Training App

Risk trained professionals for customer advice

Leadership Team

Vikas Anand, CEO and Co-founder

Vikas is a Chartered Accountant with over 22 years of experience in Insurance and financial services in India and the United Kingdom. He has held in various leadership positions Big 4 consulting firm and MNC institutions.

He has an objective to increase risk awareness across all sections of Indian society so that we can have a safe and secure India through SafeTree. He wants to build a customer centric organization which offers customized risk mitigations solutions and ultimately ensuring customers to feel secured and relaxed.

He has started Sakhsam Bharat, a program who provides world class training program to aspiring individuals to be financially secure with self-respect.

Manoj Sharma, Manager (Human Resources)

Manoj is MBA Graduate in HR Management and has extensive practice of professional experience in Human Resource functions with reputed MNC’s. His key focus in SafeTree will be employee satisfaction and build a culture full of energy, agility and happiness.

Shiva Vikas Kumar, Manages Operations

A young, energetic and dynamic leader who an extensive experience in Operation Management, Claims Services, Grievance Management and also have good understanding of analytic methodologies.

His desire to build a customer centric processes which brings delight to customer each and every time in SafeTree.

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