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Why should I buy a Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

For Commercial Vehicle owners, safety is priority #1 when it comes to your insurance needs. Not only you are responsible for the goods in your care, you’re also accountable to passengers. With so much to navigate, SafeTree delivers much-needed support through tailored coverage and risk management solutions for ultimate peace of mind.

What's covered in a Commercial Vehicle Insurance?


Damages and losses caused to your vehicle due to an accident.


Any damages and losses caused to your vehicle in the case of a theft.


Any damages and losses caused to your vehicle in an unfortunate case of fire

Natural disaster

Any damages and losses caused to your vehicle due to floods, earthquake and other natural calamities.

Personal accident

Covers for any personal injuries or death of the owner- driver of the vehicle

Third Party Loss

Covers for losses and damages caused to a third - party vehicle , property or person due to your vehicle, in the case of an accident or collision.

Towing Disabled vehicles

Covers for any damages caused to the vehicle in cases where it's being towed

What's not covered in a Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Own Damages for Third-Party Policy Holder

If you're only going for a Third-Party Commercial vehicle insurance for your vehicle, then own damages and losses won't be covered.

Drunk Driving, or Driving Without a valid License

If during a claim, the driver- owner is found to be driving the vehicle without a valid driver's license or under the influence of alcohol then the vehicle won't be covered.

Contributory Negligence

Any damages and losses caused to the vehicle due to contributory negligence won't be covered for. For example, if there are existing floods in the city, and one still drives the vehicle despite that.

Consiquentional Damages

Any damages or losses that aren't a direct result of an accident, natural calamity or fire can't be covered for.

My Coverage Options

Commercial Vehicles, used by many businesses, are important assets to any organization. The two types of commercial vehicle insurance are listed below:

Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy offers complete protection for any damage or loss incurred to your vehicle as well as protects the interest of the third-party. comprehensive vehicle insurance is best recommended over third-party liability commercial vehicle insurance.

Third Party Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Third Party Insurance provide coverage to the losses occurred to other person or property which was damaged due to the insured vehicle in case of an accident.

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The hazards facing the country and individuals have significantly increased in recent times. We are facing increasing challenges from pollution, Global warming, infectious diseases, increasing stress related ailments and natural calamities. These events cause tremendous impact on the financial status of individuals and the country.

Hence, we exist to educate and increase awareness of ways to reduce impact from these risks through insurance products.

Our Vision - Secure India Against Financial Risks

Our Mission - Co-Develop Innovative technology-led insurance solutions.

We believe in selling products to customers exclusively based on the risk profile and suitability to the customer. With the use of unique and propriety tools such as Risk Janampatri, we try to understand the risk profile of the customer and accordingly we propose suitable insurance products to the customer.

Similarly, with the tools such as health insurance sum assured calculator, introduced for the first time In India, we identity a suitable sum assured based on the risk profile and needs of the customer.

No. We believe most insurance products are complex and complicated financial instruments. Unless the customer has an understanding of the product, he / she might purchase a product which may or may not most suitable based on their risk profile. Similarly, he/she may purchase an amount of insurance cover which be inadequate or excess for their needs. Hence, we believe as with any other purchase, customer should understand their risk profile, product details and accordingly then make a suitable selection of the products. We have trained risk professionals who will help and advice customers in selection of most suitable product for them.
We exist to increase awareness and educate our customers regarding the risk. You need to fill your basic contact details and our risk experts will contact you at a suitable time selected by you. We will take you through a simple but a comprehensive process to identify a most suitable product for you. Our sole aim is to make you feel secure and bring smile to your face.

Your satisfaction is most important for our survival. We will seek your response and rating after each sale. In case of rating less than 3, we review our process and immediately take remedial steps. We will ensure your grievances are resolved immediately.

Finally you can cancel the product by availing 15 days free look period offered in most products.

In case of any suggestions and grievances, please contact ceo@safetree.in and our CEO will respond to you within 48 hours.

We use the payment gateways of leading insurance companies and money is directly paid to insurance companies

Yes. Current penetration within the country is extremely low. We need lots of people to us achieve our vision

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