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Why buy Travel Insurance?

Well, a travel insurance would help you tackle all the travel and medical contingencies while you travel abroad. You might find buying a travel insurance silly, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Buying travel insurance would not only safeguard you from all the possible unforeseen situations but also help you cherish all the lovely memories of your stay abroad.

Key Benefits of Travel Insurance

Medical expenses

Offers coverage for any surgical or emergency medical treatment when you are away from home


Offers coverage for any trip that is shortened or cancelled due to a valid reason.

Personal Liability Cover

Offers coverage if you damage some one's property or are liable for bodily injuries due to an accident

Loss of passport

Offers coverage towards expenses for replacing the original passport if robbed during your travel


Offers coverage for your medical and insured losses during an act of terrorism while your visit overseas

Repatriation of remains

Offers coverage for expenses to take the insured's mortals or human remains back to the home country

OPD Cover

Offers coverage to medical expenses like consultation, prescribed medicines, diagniostic tests etc.

Cashless Hospitalization

With travel insurance, you can easily avail cashless treatment at network hospitals across the globe

Type of Travel Policies

Single Trip Policy

Single trip policy is good for one-time travellers. The maximum of 180 days these policies can last for, however, your travel insurance policy can also be extended post a humble request to the insurer. So, have you packed your bags yet? And don't forget to buy travel insurance.

Annual Multi-Trip Policy

This policy is ideal for frequent travellers or globetrotters. It's valid for making several trips during the year, each one ranging from 30-45 days, rewarding you with suitcases full of memories. You have the option to choose the coverage and the type of plan basis your needs.

Get the SafeTree Advantage

Risk Janampatri

SafeTree has developed a tool which prepares a Risk Janampatri which defines risk profile and aptitude of the customer.

Customized Plans

SafeTree has compared quotes from various reputed insurers and based on risk profile, Age, previous medical history, a customized need-based solution is offered.

Smooth Claim Process

Dedicated team to support smooth claims process and provide complete assistance

Regular Updates

We will provide you support to further strengthen your protection on the changing nature of risk.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes, Cashless facility is available in Network Hospitals for all Hospitalization wherein admission in a Hospital is for a minimum of 24 In-patient consecuitive hours.

No, as per insurance company's policy a customer has to purchase policy before starting the journey from India.

International Travel insurance is insurance that covers emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of checkin baggage and other losses incurred while traveling out of India.

Yes, you may request the insurer to extend the policy by paying the proportionate required premium.

No. Every traveller will be issued only one insurance policy for the duration of a single journey.

Yes. You can purchase trip insurance policy on behalf of your parents as a proposer.

Yes. Many insurers offer trip insurance for short-term courses or even for the maximum duration of 3 years.

No, the Sum Insured amount will be applicable on the entire tenure of 2 years.

In general, it is not mandatory to possess a travel policy when travelling. However, certain countries have made it compulsory for foreigners to possess trip insurance while visiting them.

The main difference between a single and multi-trip insurance lies in its validity. While single trip insurance is only valid for the entire duration of one single journey, the multi-trip insurance is valid for multiple journeys undertaken within a year. Single trip insurance begins with the commencement of your journey and ends once you reach back home. On the other hand, Multi-trip insurance starts from the day of its purchase and expires after 365 days or one year.

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