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Healthy Wealthy- Expert Knowledge is the Best Weapon against Covid-19

Amid the Covid era the entire nation has passed through unprecedented and turbulent times. The novel coronavirus continues to have a devastating and disruptive effect on our lives. Our medical fraternity is on a war footing with it. The entire medical infrastructure has been on jolt with the increasing number of patients. The overload of medical information floating in social media has added more confusion and anxiety.

Knowledge Spread Initiative by SafeTree

SafeTree, a brand of A2V Insurance Brokers Private Limited, in its pursuit of spreading latest and authentic medical information to the masses in this wave of gloom, has launched a series of weekly webinars with medical experts to combat the Covid Tsunami. The experts would be tackling queries about Covid management, vaccination protocols and doubts in the changing scenario in an easy FAQ manner.


Series of Informative Webinar with Experts

This series started with Dr Parveen Bhatia who is the founding chairman of IMAS, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Medical Director of Bhatia Global Hospital, New Delhi. He clarified the myths surrounding coronavirus and answered questions regarding the same. The key message was on prevention and protection. Post-vaccination and safety measures were emphasized in this talk.

The second session was with Dr TRD Patro, a renowned Diabetologist, who guided audiences on the management of Covid in Diabetes patients. He informed the masses that this deadly virus was found triggering diabetes in recovering patients. Along with this, he educated us about the ways to manage it.

In the third week, we were joined by international renowned Dr Mathew Varghese (ex-Head of St Stephens Hospital and recognised as one of top five international Heroes by Bill Gates, founder Microsoft) who beautifully explained the intervention of treatment as per Covid timelines. The scientific explanation in simple language was too absorbing for a common man.
The fourth webinar was taken by Dr Supriya Anand, International trained Physiotherapist. She gave valuable information about simple breathing exercises to improve oxygen levels and breathing control during covid.

Heart problems is one of the fallouts seen in the recovery phases of Covid. To address this issue, an eminent interventional Cardiologist took an online seminar on “Covid and Heart Diseases.” He gave simple tips on maintaining a healthy heart and identifying red flag indicators related to heart problems post covid.


We are all in this Together

This pandemic has been an offset and has led to a mental tsunami amongst the masses who are in lockdown. Over the past year and a half, isolation, unemployment, and financial despair have raised anxiety levels tremendously. SafeTree is conducting its next webinar to tackle the concerns regarding mental health. The show will go on to spread a healthy wealthy environment. A physically and mentally healthy economy will always have a greater saving and investment capacity.


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Safetree: Make us Your Health Insurance Partner Even after Covid

Virgil, the ancient Roman poet, once mentioned that the greatest wealth that humans have is health. Indeed! A healthy person is a happy person. A happy person is hopeful, and hope is the torchbearer of life and victory. Therefore, health is important. Interestingly, good health is not up for sale. Even the richest person would not have the wealth to buy good health. Sarcastically enough, even the poorest can have the valuable treasure of health if he/she wishes to. Since life is uncertain and becoming insecure and stressful by the day, there has to be something that can ensure some mental peace, if not everything. Yes! You guessed it right. Health Insurance is something that can give us some mental peace amidst a stressful scenario.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is an agreement between the insurer (insurance company) and the insured (individual and his/her family), which ensures the insured that his/her health-related medical expenses would be taken care of if such need arises. Different health insurance plans have separate coverage, such as coverage of surgical costs, hospitalization expenses, day-care treatments, OPD consultations, and critical illness treatments.

Health Insurance is Important

Who doesn’t want an assurance that when things go wrong, there is someone who would be beside you and take care of your needs? Certainly! Each one of us would like to have that assurance. Medical insurance is one such product that assures us that when illness surrounds our family or us, there is a company that would stand beside us and helps us get the best treatment to be fit and fine in no time. Primarily health insurance is important for gaining mental peace (since our health-related issues would not be a grave concern for us and our family members). However, there are several other benefits of having a secured health insurance policy. They are:

  • Health Insurance helps you not to bother about the extravagant hospitalization costs.
  • Health Insurance helps you get the best medical attention and treatment (according to your plan and coverage) at the appropriate time.
  • Health Insurance helps you concentrate on your and your loved one’s health at such a crucial point without thinking of the sources of arranging funds.
  • Health Insurance also helps you get deductions (depending on the tie-ups and coverage of the insurance company) in:
    • Hospitalization
    • Surgical procedures
    • Treatment facilities
  • Health Insurance also requires screening before an individual and his/her family members obtain health insurance. Therefore, the family also gets free preventive care (including basic check-ups, screenings, and mandatory vaccinations) even before the formal health insurance certificate is obtained!

Covid 19 makes us Realise that Health is Even More Important

The world today is undergoing a difficult, challenging time. The world has come to a grinding halt when news of a pandemic called Covid 19 started doing the round. While the pandemic began in 2019 (Covid 19), even by the end of 2020, we are still not in a position to announce that the world is safe. This pandemic has been a unique one.

  • This pandemic rendered socializing obsolete for a social animal like a human being.
  • This pandemic made distances compulsory when the information technology revolution made all the efforts to reduce the spaces between the worlds.
  • This pandemic locked the humans up in their houses while making nature free of pollutants.
  • This pandemic forced humans to breathe through their masks, more so when roaming free amidst the fresh nature.
  • This pandemic made us feel and fall sick, even with the most obvious symptoms of fever and headache.

In short, this pandemic has made us realize that health is the only asset that needs to be nurtured and protected well. A healthy individual can even cope-up with a pandemic like Covid 19. However, even the richest person who can avail the best medical treatment and facilities can succumb to Covid 19 if he/she is not in the best of his/her health. A pandemic like Covid 19 was important for us to realize that good food, good sleep, and good thoughts are important to survive critical situations such as a pandemic.

Let Safetree take care of your Health Insurance even after Covid

While Covid 19 has made us realize that good health is important to survive health criticalities, it has also made us understand the importance of having a good, secure, and all-inclusive health insurance plan. There have been several cases where individuals and their family members were critically affected due to Covid 19. The criticality of such individuals required them to be hospitalized immediately. However, there were cases where such hospitalization could not happen timely, which led to the individuals’ untimely demise. Hospitalization could not occur due to two major reasons:

  • Unavailability of infrastructure
  • Unaffordability of the patient family to cope with the extravagant medical expenditures

While the first one is a state subject (a matter which the country’s government needs to manage), the second one could have been easily addressed if the individual had all-inclusive health insurance from a trusted company. Health insurance from a trusted company is important in this situation, primarily because this pandemic is an unusual situation. None of us, including the insurance companies, were prepared for such an emergency. The trusted insurers, such as Safetree, have found out ways to help their trusted customers even at an unusual time such as this pandemic where the associated medical expenditure is hard to assume and ascertain as a whole. The medical spending varies on a case to case basis, and thus the companies face a huge challenge in standardizing their procedures.

However, this trust developed among the customers in this grave time of need has also hugely benefitted the health insurance sector. In fact, according to reports, the health insurance industry has seen a major thrust in its business during this pandemic since customers are refocusing their investments and trying to locate their trusted partners who can help them in their critical health needs.

An important thing that certainly needs to register in the customer’s mind is that whether facing Covid or Covid Like situation or even in the normal circumstances, health insurance proves to be a friend in need is a friend indeed’ always. Safetree has been your trusted health insurance partner through this critical Covid 19 pandemic, and Safetree would like to be your trusted partner beyond it. Let Safetree hold your hand throughout your journey of life so that no illness, including Covid 19, can even brush your periphery.

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POS Agents: Role and Benefits

Seeing is believing might be an old English adage, but the meaning and relevance of this adage are still valid and acceptable in different situations of our lives. Don’t believe it? Fine! Let’s check if we believe it or not. How many of us prefer buying a refrigerator online? Not many of us for sure. Government initiatives such as demonetization have surely boosted the e-commerce and digital economy. Such drastic moves require time and concerted efforts not only from the government but also from citizens. Yes! We have been initiated towards our transformation into accepting the digital economy and e-commerce into our lives. But this transformation process has just been started and would take a considerable time before being accepted completely.

On second thought, even if we have accepted the digital economy, we have not completely surrendered ourselves to such an economy. Practically, how many of us have internalized such digitalization? Maybe only a handful of us or even lower than that. However, most of us still prefer buying things, especially things that involve our passion and a huge sum of money. We always prefer buying designer clothes or consumer durables after seeing them and after a salesperson confirms the benefits and features.

While we have been discussing quantified things and their purchase, let us now talk about financial instruments and their purchase? How many of you would buy a policy online? How many of you would be convinced of purchasing such a certificate based on your research (primarily online research)? Some of us, confident in our financial knowledge and research insight, would say yes. But such people would surely go and check the reviews about such financial products online. Expanding the picture further, can such online purchase of financial instruments such as instruments be possible and feasible for most of the population in a country like India? India still has a huge population staying in small cities, towns, and villages. The exposure to the internet and reliance on such information obtained from the internet is doubtful. Therefore, POS Agents come in handy, especially in these areas.

Who is a POS Agent?

POS Agent is a common term in the field of insurance. POS Agent or Point of Sale Agent is a person or a group of people who helps sell basic products in insurance. POS Agent is an accepted terminology in the context of selling insurance products. Even the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) approves POS Agents’ appointment since 2015 as distributors of Insurance products. The POS Agents are the last man holding the baton in the relay race of selling insurance. POS Agent is the last baton man that convinces and clinches the sale of insurance products. POS Agents travel that last mile of converting a Prospective Client into a Customer. POS Agents can also be thought of as the people responsible for managing the Push Sale of insurance products.

Role of a POS Agent

A POS Agent is somewhat comparable to a salesperson of a showroom. The showroom belongs to the owner. The owner would most probably sit on the cash counter handling the cash. However, the majority of the sales process is managed by the salesperson moving around the showroom. The salesperson greets the customer when he/she enters the showroom. The salesperson inquiries about the customer’s requirements and guides the customer to the appropriate place where he/she would get what he/she wants. Further, the salesperson also tries to push sale more units from the store, such as accessories or other complementary or supplementary items based on the customer’s need, requirements, and temperament.

Similarly, the role of the POS Agent can be defined or explained as:

  • POS Agent works on the field (usually in the locality, city, or state where the POS Agent resides)
  • POS Agent is the direct contact person for the customer (customer of the said insurance company)
  • POS Agent builds rapport with the customers and/or prospective customers.
  • POS Agent explains the insurance products such as motor insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and personal accidental insurance, among other insurance types.
  • POS Agent also explains the benefits of having such insurance products to the customers
  • POS Agent influences the customer to purchase such insurance products and finally motivate them to buy such products.
  • POS Agent also helps the customer renew the policy, make timely payment, and/or claim benefits of the policy, among other activities related to the insurance policies

Therefore, just like the salesperson of the showroom is the contact person for the customer. POS Agent is the contact person working on behalf of the insurance company. The POS agent is, in fact, the face of the company for the customer. There is a huge population that still rely and believe on this face of the company and invests. This population does not research on the website and check with the company headquarters. POS Agent is the company for them.

Benefits of being a POS Agent

The POS agent plays an important role in any insurance company. The POS agent is the company’s face, and therefore they are important stakeholders of the company. Some of the benefits of being a POS Agent with an insurance company include:

  • Becoming a POS Agent is Easy: Becoming a POS Agent is rather easy in two ways:
    • Educational Requirement is low: Usually, various companies’ job descriptions require the candidate to have high qualifications. However, becoming a POS agent is relatively easy. Individuals with lower qualifications and minimum training can become POS Agents. Thus, POS Agents need not be as qualified or trained as the agents, brokers, or corporate agents of the insurance company. POS Agents need to work at the grass-root level for the insurance company, and therefore, what is more, important is that the POS Agent understands the product well and communicate with the customers well about the products. Even IRDAI has permitted the POS Agents to sell basic insurance products, not requiring much underwriting. Therefore, the POS Agent needs to be at least 18 years of age and have cleared Class 10. The companies, though, need to conduct 15 hours of in-house training to train the POS Agent about the products, as mandated by the IRDAI.
    • Hiring is Easy: A POS Agent can be directly engaged by the insurance company or even by the insurance company’s intermediaries (agents and brokers), thus enabling quick hiring and on-boarding of the POS Agents. You can get a job if you have it in you!
  • Becoming a POS Agent is Worthy: The POS Agent can either work with the insurer (insurance company) directly or an agent or broker of the company. Whatever the situation be, the POS Agent gets a good reward for his/her efforts. More the efforts, more are the reward. The effort-based rewarding system acts as a motivator for the POS Agent. Further, the POS Agent can take up this work as a part-time activity too! Therefore, becoming a POS Agent is worth it.
  • Becoming a POS Agent is Respectable: POS Agents get to interact with the customers directly. The POS Agents become the face of the company for these customers. Therefore, respect for the company, especially when the products benefit the customers, can be directly enjoyed by the POS Agents.

The position of a POS Agent is an important one. Become a POS Agent to earn respect and earn money today.

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Kickstart your Career Again: Become a Safetree POS Agent

We have got just one life, and it is precious. Our life has various dimensions. We create these dimensions of life, and at the same time, other dimensions of life are prioritized by us. While we prioritize a particular dimension in our life, we work towards making such dimensions perfect. Our career is one such important dimension in our life. Certainly, we need to define our career just like our life in our way. Our definition of our profession should be ours. It can be motivated by someone or a few people. However, such a description of careers should never be guided by anyone.

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Two Wheeler Insurance: Tips to Choose the Best One

Bertolt Brecht, the famous German Poet and Theatre Personality, once quoted, “When the praying does no good, Insurance does help.” Insurance is a big term. Insurance is trust. Insurance is hope. You tend to insure your well being every single second through every single action of ours. You have spent your childhood studying and preparing yourselves for all the challenges of your life because you wanted to insure our happy life. You lead a disciplined active life so that you can insure a healthy life. In short, insurance is one word that is entwined with our lives, just like a climber interweaves the bark of a tree.

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GST – Impact on Motor Insurance

You live in an apartment. The apartment is a part of a gated community called society. Society needs to complete some basic tasks for every apartment, such as cleaning up the common areas, collecting garbage from each household and the common area, maintaining lights and lifts, and maintaining the building, among other activities. Who should take the responsibility to do all these things? Why should that single individual or group of individuals take that responsibility? How would such people fulfill those responsibilities?

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Want to Save Tax? 5 Best Short Investment options in India

Short-term investments are preferred bet because the money is not locked in for a long period. These are temporary investments and mostly have a period that is within five years. For a shorter duration, your money is safe and parked to bring in some extra cash.

What are short-term investments by the way?

The characteristic feature of the investment is the period. Plus, you can earn a decent return within a year or some months. Besides, helping save money, this type of investment is helpful when you have some immediate expenses shortly.

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Term vs Whole Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance is a way to safeguard your future. From helping pay off debts to ensuring that you have a comfortable life in the future or when you old, there are plenty of buying a Life Insurance Policy from a credible insurance company.

There are two types of life insurance that you can buy – Whole life insurance and Term Life insurance. While the Whole Life Insurance Policy covers you for your life; the term life insurance covers you for a fixed-term period. Undoubtedly, the former has a higher and long-term premium; while the latter is much cheaper and the premium needs to be paid for a specific period.

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Want to go for a Vacation-Here are the top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Travel Insurance

Going on a vacation is a great way to reconnect with life, friends, and family. It is also the ideal way to go on an experiential soul-searching journey with your own self. Undeniably, everyone wants the journey to be flawless, without any hiccups, hassles, or troubles. However, there are times when unforeseen circumstances come calling and knocking on the door that leaves you all hassled up. A major part of the hassle can be well addressed by taking travel insurance. What has been generally seen is that vacationers usually ignore the aspect of taking travel insurance thinking that it is a waste of money or not worth the money being charged.

Let us see what travel insurance is and what are the ten top reasons to have travel insurance with you when travelling?

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Top Factors That Decide the Premium of Property Insurance

Property insurance is a big fall-back option because such insurance policies cover the property from natural and manmade disasters. It is a source of peace of mind for the property owner because disasters and calamities can visit anytime and besides causing risks to life, properties are impacted by such events too.

Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, and infestation are covered; while for man-made events, factors like terrorism; theft and burglary, fire, and accidents are covered.

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